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Help us reach and serve 300 communities! 
Perhaps your community is one of these! 

Fellow workers - Individuals or churches who share the vision and want to actively participate in building the house of prayer for all nations can sow an offering and stand a watch each month. To become a fellow worker we ask you to:
  • Partner with us through offerings?
  • Pray and stand watch for at least 1 hour per month.
  • Those who give a an annual donation of at least $1200 or commit to donate $150 a month or more will be given access to all Kingdom Academy Courses for 1 year.
Ambassadors - are those with a passion to see their community mobilized and connected using the 1Church1Day strategy Their vision and enthusiasm for God's house, His presence and to see the Church united naturally propels them to carry this powerful strategy to others in their community.  We can equip you to mobilize the Church in your area through an "Ambassador League".  We provide ambassadors:
  • Tools to mobilize your community such as the website, the 1Church1Day app, downloadable forms, Power Points, PDFs, documents and more.
  • Training delivered through MP3s, MP4s, Youtube, the training section of the app and through our blog. 
  • A special Ambassador League icon puts your league on the map so we can encourage everyone in your area to connect and work with you.
  • And much more...
Kingdom League Founders - The Ambassador League is the first step in this powerful transformational strategy.  A Kingdom  League automates this strategy through their very own customized 1Church1Day Community Prayer Transformation System.  It includes a Leadership Dashboard, a localized app and website. The Leadership Dashboard is the key that empowers leaders:
  • To mobilize, coordinate and steward more 24/7 prayer
  • With the most up to date spiritual and natural intelligence from the 7 spheres of society
  • With a level of confidentiality heretofor not available to the Church at large
  • Exponentially increase the effectiveness of their strategic prayer as measured through results
  • And more...