How to Start a League

Get the 1Church1Day Prayer Alert System for Your Team 

You get:
  • A secure strategic communication system to help you build, connect and direct your prayer team.
  • A Prayer Alert Dashboard and the 1Church1Day app for each team member up to 250. Imagine having the ability to alert your team within 5 minutes anywhere anytime.
  • Training for each team member provided through the app.
  • An Ambassador League which provides:
    • An opportunity for you to collaborate with other like-minded teams to build 24/7 prayer, praise and worship: our Father's house of prayer. 
    • A way to connect leaders in the 7 mountains of society and Israel with intercession.
  • Concentrated prayer for you and your team/church/ministry or house of prayer when you need it.

What do we need from you?

  • A name for your team (see League name). 
  • One email address to use to access your team's prayer alert system and a second email for use with your 1Church1Day app.
  • Your team to download and signup for the 1Church1Day app.
  • A list of names and emails for your team. These will be added to your confidential group.
    • An automatic subscription of $50 per month or $500 annually, cancel at any time. (That's for up to 250 people).  If you need more contact us.
    • We request that you and your team/church/ministry commit to praying at least 1 day each month and registering that through the calendar in the app and encouraging each of your team members to register their time in the calendar as well.

Special Note:  Our System is Being Overhauled Right Now

  1. Our form will be updated soon.  The first email in the form below is the email you use for your 1Church1Day app.  The Email that will be displayed on the map for your team/league is the email you will use to access your Prayer Alert Dashboard.

  2. Please send us in a spreadsheet or email the names and email addresses of your team members.  Once they get their 1Church1Day app we will add them to your secure confidential team.  Then you'll be ready to send alerts to mobilize your team anytime and anywhere they carry their phone or mobile device. 

Applicant Details :

Acquire the 1Church1Day prayer alert system for up to 250 people with an automatic subscription of $50 per month or $500 annually. Please fill in the amount and when you click Submit it will direct you to our Donation page where you’ll set up your annual or monthly subscription payment through Paypal.

Upon receipt of an email from Paypal and a review of your application by the administrator we will make your team/league live within three days.