An overview of leagues is provided in Step 7 at the 4:20 mark in the video.

There are two kinds of leagues we can offer to help you mobilize and connect the body of Christ in your church, network, city or region; an Ambassador League or a Kingdom League click here to learn more.  Everyone starts with an Ambassador League using proven simple tools. As the leagues mature they can acquire a customized 1Church1Day Community Transformation System that provides the leadership with a confidential strategic communication system connected to their own 1Church1Day apps.  

We ask each person, church and ministry to commit to:

  • Collaborate - with the strategy with each person committing to stand watch and pray at least one hour each month. Each church or ministry can organize their people to cover one day each month with 24/7 prayer.
  • Communicate - A reporting system is provided for those who pray to record anything they receive during their prayer time. Results are tracked, reported and adjustments are made to our decrees and prayer targets to make our efforts even more effective.
  • Cooperate - Prayer decrees are created by strategic leaders from the 7 spheres of society.  We encourage believers in each community to connect, support and pray as you co-labor together in Christ.

Continual Prayer Builds God's House

We use a simple 4 step strategy inspired by King David & Nehemiah to build a wall of prayer and set a watch, family by family and church by church.

Councils are formed in the Seven Spheres

The strategy initiates a process that enables leaders to form councils and take the first steps to develop prayer and action strategies appropriate for their community.

Leagues Form Teams Which Produce Measurable Results

This provides a pathway for any church or community unite their teams of churches and councils.